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Sneaky Summer - Bayou St. John

Two weeks ago I took a Springtime stroll along Bayou St. John. The COVID Quarantine was taking its toll on my get up and go so I decided to get up and go clear my head in one of my favorite parts of the city. To my surprise, Spring had sprung straight to Summer and that famous New Orleans humidity turned my several months untrimmed locks into a full on Jheri Curl. But I decided to turn those lemons into lemonade and I shot this really pretty little video for y'all. It's not particularly gritty or poignant or reflective of the tumultuous times in which we live. Think of this one as a little oasis in the vast hopeless desert in which we find ourselves these days. I hope y'all enjoy the pretty for the pretty and you get a laugh out of the incredibly creative graffiti on the alligator signs. Only in New Orleans...

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