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Josh Wingerter Makes Fantastic Art

Like a lot of people over the last few weeks, I made a trip into the French Quarter recently to check out the public art pieces painted by New Orleans' own Josh Wingerter. I wasn't lucky enough to catch him as he was painting any of this, but I will include this link to the article about him and these pieces (please click here). If you follow me on Instagram (and you totally should) you've no doubt seen the still photos I took during our outing. Honestly, the photos don't do the artworks justice. If you can make it to New Orleans before they go away, I highly recommend seeing them in context. It's beautiful and haunting to see all of this in a mostly closed, mostly empty French Quarter. If you can't make it here, maybe the video I shot will help express just how amazing these pieces are. Also, check him out on Instagram at @joshwingerterart. His work is fantastic.

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