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GenCon2019 - Zombie Dice

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Saturday at GenCon was a busy one. I got the opportunity to interview so many up and coming game developers and I met a lot of incredibly talented people doing so much good for the gaming industry. I also got a chance to talk to Eric Dow from Steve Jackson Games. Full disclosure here; I've been playing Steve Jackson games for years. I've always been a fan of their line and I've loved Zombie Dice since I first saw it demoed. Zombie Dice is a really easy to learn dice game that's a blast to play (hehe... no pun intended) and is the perfect no brainer game (hehehe... that one might have been intended) for a casual hang out session with your friends. In this video I just kinda let Eric go and tell us all how to play. Check it out! You'll totally fall in love with Zombie Dice.

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