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GenCon2019 - Wyrmwood Gaming

This weekend I was fortunate enough to meet, speak with, and interview so many fantastic people with so many amazing stories and products. For the last few years I've had an eye on Wyrmwood Gaming. I've seen them completely blow up and become a real powerhouse in the world of gaming accessories and high quality gaming tables. Their products are always innovative and top notch. They really pay attention to what the end user gamer wants and needs and deliver in spades. I got the opportunity today to talk to Zack Lufkin, a Journeyman Craftsman, from Wyrmwood. The interview I shot kinda feels like a big commercial for Wyrmwood, but I really do believe in them and their products so I don't mind shilling for them a bit. Check it out and please like, subscribe, comment, and all of that.

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