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GenCon2019 - Necromech

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Yesterday I ran across Necromech at GenCon. I spoke briefly with their rep about the game and, for some reason, the concept really stuck with me. So much so that I had to go back today and ask them for an interview. Oddly enough I ran into the creator of the game, Kevin Hannah, at the booth. He was kind enough to talk to me about the game and it really blew me away.

Necromech is a Dieselpunk game set in the post-WWII 1950s. The atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan opened up rips in the fabric of reality releasing all kinds of baddies and giving people all kinds of special abilities. Check out their site for details -

All in all, that sort of thing isn't completely new. What is new is their delivery method. They don't publish their content in physical books. All their content is delivered electronically and their updates, characters, baddies, everything is updated in real time. If the author(s) come up with a new idea, that idea could be a part of the game immediately. In addition, they're incorporating all kinds of game enhancing content available on their website and other delivery outlets. Kevin tells me he and his team have some really interesting and innovated plans in store for Necromech including augmented reality and the introduction of voice actors into their online content. This is really one to keep an eye on.

Check out my interview with Kevin by following by following the link. And, as always, please like, subscribe, comment, and all that. Your simple clicks mean the world to us.

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