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Adventure Scents at GenCon 2019

This morning I got the chance to talk to Mike Howlett at OddFish Games. They had a super cool product on display. It's called Adventure Scents. In essence, they're all specialty scents to enhance your RPG gaming experience. If you're game takes you to an ancient crypt, they have a scent for that. If you have to research a spell in a giant library, they have a scent for that. If there's a giant battle looming, well, you guessed it, they have you covered. The best part of the experience for me is that the scents weren't gross. They smelled like they were supposed to smell, but without the sensationalism of being intentionally yucky. Check them out. Also, check out the link to my interview with Mike. He and his wife were super nice people and I thank them for giving me a moment for an interview. As always, please like, subscribe, comment, etc on everything I put on YouTube.

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